Email Usernames blocked by Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A little while ago I encountered an interesting issue; a prospect was unable to complete a form on a cloud page, and after some isolation testing I found that their email address was the problem – they we’re using a “Role-Based” email address which apparently Salesforce Marketing Cloud didn’t like.

Salesforce Support was able to confirm that “News@<domain>” is in fact a “Role-Based” email that is blocked in Marketing Cloud, however they weren’t willing to provide a list of other email usernames that are blocked by the “List Detective” function. This was a problem for me as I wanted to ensure that other known/safe email usernames could also be pre-emptively added to the List Detective exemptions.

After some quick research into Role Based emails, I came across this repository of email usernames, which was far more extensive than the Pardot Role-Based and Reserved Email Addresses.

Working with Abikarsa Kristanto from Datarati, we we’re able to append a safe domain to all ~950 usernames and load them into the All Subscribers list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since the List Detective triggers during subscriber imports, the emails that failed to import would be blocked, giving us a list of all (at the time & from this list) email usernames that are in List Detective.

From ~950 emails, only 28 were blocked – as below:

  • abuse
  • admin
  • email
  • feedback
  • hostmaster
  • info
  • junk
  • mail
  • mailerdaemon
  • marketing
  • news
  • newsletter
  • nobody
  • none
  • noreply
  • nospam
  • null
  • ops
  • orders
  • postmaster
  • press
  • remove
  • root
  • security
  • spam
  • subscribe
  • unsubscribe
  • www

I hope this list saves you time and helps any fellow trailblazers who find themselves in a similar situation. Again a huge thanks to Abikarsa Kristanto for his efforts on this discovery!

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